My name is Beaux St. LaFontaine and I am an illustrator/concept artist who has recently graduated from the University of Delaware with a BFA in Visual Communications. My background in both traditional and digital art has helped me bring my designs to life in 2D and 3D media during my schooling. I am fueled by my passion for taking a unique approach to world-building and bringing Queer representation to entertainment media. My love for narrative illustration and character design sprouted when I realized the only way to see stories with people like me was to make them myself. My hobbies of playing video games and ingesting many other types of creative media have filled me with a yearning to escape reality and join these fantastical universes. Easter eggs in games also piqued my interest in codes and ciphers, and I use them throughout my work for those who are curious enough to dig in deeper.

Since I cannot make an inter-dimensional portal to visit these worlds, I suppose I'll just have to create them instead.


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