Decastere Tarot
Illustration & Letterpress
Procreate - Letterpress

"Decastere" is defined as a measurement equal to 10 cubic meters. Coincidentally, it is also a partial anagram for the word "secret." Neat, huh.

Beyond a standard deck, Decastere Tarot cards are packed with code meant to guide users to more than just spiritual stability, but also a fun mental challenge. While relatively easy, the puzzles this deck contains provide a more in-depth and unique user experience. This deck is connected to "The Alchemist's Dwelling" and would be made available as a physical collectible for fans.
This project will eventually be finished with all 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana. Along with the cards, there will be an explanation booklet, an inner case suitable for travel, and the outer puzzle box case.

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The Alchemist’s Dwelling
Illustration & Narative
Procreate - Photoshop
Lady Mireya lives alone, except for all the wandering ghosts, flora, and fauna, of course.

Creating a house for a reclusive alchemist felt a lot like creating a house for myself. Ovens on the ceiling, glowing vines that cover the walls, and animal mounts that greet you as you walk in are just normal occurrences in this mansion. Mireya the alchemist has long since stopped serving the High Court and now resides alone in her gigantic abode, filled with rooms upon rooms of mystery. Through an exploration of interior space, I was able to play with color, perspective, and dimension to create a home that felt as wacky and unique as the alchemist herself.
This ongoing series has given me the chance to explore my new style and serves as a short writing prompt to create the universe this house exists in along with the art itself. Recently, it has transformed into a full-blown world whose story would fit in a multitude of media.

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Kumamoto Fighters



Ramen Kumamoto, a local Japanese restaurant, needed a new way to connect with the college students on campus. Combining my love of good food and video games, I created an arcade fighting game featuring characters designed after the restaurant's staple dishes. The game would be playable both on mobile devices and in the restaurant via arcade cabinet. This challenge allowed me to experiment with character silhouettes, color palettes, and idle animation.
Are you team Mayu the ramen-roughhouse or Nori the seaweed salad slicer?

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UD Summer Scholars: Project Solace
Illustration and Presentation
Procreate - Canva
Summer 2021
Non-binary representation in video games is scarce at best, let alone the Queer community as a whole. This study aims to create examples of both non-binary bodies and fashion that could reside in a video game universe. Specifically, it investigates how shape language can affect our perception of characters and how by breaking the rules, one can create a more androgynous figure.

My findings suggest that if non-binary representation is to be improved upon, there must be more experimentation with shape language. However, non-binary people do not owe anyone androgyny, so there is also work to be done on how to convey that a figure is non-binary without defaulting to making the body type ambiguous.

My research and presentation on this project along with my founding of the university’s first LGBTQ+ Artist’s RSO, Prism, won me the 2022 Triangle Award given by the University of Delaware’s Pride Causcus.

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Spot Illustration
Not all of my art has a category or divine purpose. This is that art.

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