Many creatures call Mireya’s mansion their home. From the tiniest of mice to the giant Wilterbeast, the alchemist takes care of them all. However, because of the Order’s entrapment barrier, no new animals have shown up and none are allowed to leave.


The walls, the vines, and the windows. Even the dead are alive. Brassard (on the left) and Tyrion (on the right) were left in the woods surrounding Mireya’s home, their bodies destroyed by malicious hunters. After trying to save them, Mireya realized the best she could do for the poor souls was mount what was left out of respect. Thankful for her kind efforts, both beasts, by sheer willpower alone, regained their sentience out of the want to protect her. The Cervidae and Alcesicorn became the stalwart guards of the foyer, no need for electric alarms here!

The Librarians are the predecessor to the Felis catus or the modern-day house cat. From far away, they may be confused as a feline friend, but these little beasts are a bit unnerving upon closer inspection. Where a skull would be is replaced by a mask of varying material and dark glowing eyes. The masks can be made from metal, ceramic, and wood. Each of these denotes the purpose and temperament of the creature. Metal masks are like the bodyguards of the library and are usually larger than their counterparts. Ceramic masks prefer to stay near the ground and take care of binding new books that Mireya finishes. Wood masks climb the most and also explore the woods outside of the mansion to gather ingredients for spells and potions.  Their long, prehensile tail allows them to grab books and other items from shelves, as well as get to high places with ease. Though the Librarians' appearances might be haunting, they are a bunch of softies who appreciate a good head pat after a job well done.

Grim the Solas bird provides Mireya with special quills for her research and spellwork. Feathers with eyes can only be plucked on the full moon and will double the spell's effect.

When working for the Order, Mireya was given access to the best quality equipment and labs. Now shut out from their facilities and trapped in her own home, she must rely on what little she has compared to the Order’s vast array of implements.

At least she still has her cool robe, right?

Like many of the other creatures that reside here, Pipero the all-seeing Norweigian ram has a special connection to these halls. His nine eyes have allowed him to see every room and every item in the mansion from birth. When Mireya needs a specific book or ingredient, all she has to do is call for him using a special whistle she keeps around her neck and he will retrieve the said item(s). He tends to keep to himself and puts on a tough face, but she has found him curled up with the Librarians on some cold nights. He loves to eat anything in the nightshade family so Mireya has a special patch for him in the gardens that only he gets to eat from.

Pipero’s saddlebags are a mystical marvel that can hold much more than what meets the eye. Both sets of satchels sit on his back but never increase in weight, no matter how much is inside. Legend says there’s a whole bookshelf in there!