DnD Zodiac 
Procreate - Photoshop
Dungeons and Dragons has been a large part of my life for a while now. My father played it, a music teacher taught me how to play, and now I play it with my friends. It has inspired my art style and content I like to create, and it has invigorated my love for narrative illustration. Astrology is another large part of my life. It borders on the fantastical but it’s too uncanny to be fiction, at least in my opinion. Like many other divining tools, I believe it is useful to consult for answers or a bit of comfort. Fantasy and astrology are so dearly important to my daily life, so this proved to be an excellent challenge in illustrative design. 
I, as well as many other people on the internet, love to give my hot takes on how I view the signs. Combine that with my love of giving hot takes on how I view the DnD classes (and the people who choose to play them), and you get a beautiful union. 

12 zodiac signs ︎ 12 DnD classes. It’s a match made in Ravenloft.